About. Artist Masha Neverova

Masha Neverova

(b. 1985, Leningrad USSR, now St.Petersburg Russia) Lives and works in New York, USA. She graduated from St.Petersburg Art School and earned her BFA from Russian Pedagogical University in 2011. From 2018-2019 she studied at The School of Contemporary Art ‘Free Workshops’ at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. From 2020 to 2022 she attended a postgraduate art course (classes of A.Zhilyaev, I.Gorshkov, A.Povzner, N.Alekseyev). Neverova participated in solo and group exhibitions in various galleries in Israel, Georgia, Lithuania, and Russia. She is working with ritual, trauma, myth, and memory at the same time she operates visual language from technology. She uses painting, graphics, embroidery, objects, clay, and performance. Her paintings are characterised by using brown, craft paper, and a lot of blacks. 

Artist statement

I am interested in a border state, ritual, myth, and the problem of identity. I make paintings based on images borrowed from social networks, and those tropes that seem to shine through in modern culture. I like to observe how myth and ritual are reflected in contemporary life. 

I think I was greatly influenced by the esotericism, pseudoscience, and magic that were very popular during the ‘Perestroika’ in my childhood in post-Soviet Russia. That’s why I’m so interested in rituals and I wonder how today’s people interact with them. I do the same in my projects.

Another important topic for me is the reflection of identity through vegetation. Being in exile for a long time, I am always in search of a new home.  In my last project “Birches”, I combined the plants of Israel with the flora of the northern region where I was born. 

I like to put a feeling of dreaming inside my artwork which is one of the most important emotions I try to catch in my projects. The feeling of reality and unreality, borderline sleep-woke up as in a lucid dream.


  • Art Boot Camp by KAKDELART & Vera Gailis, Israel, 2022 — 2023
  • Sreda Obuchenia (Moscow High School), Russia, 2020 — 2022
  • Free Workshops Art School at MMOMA (Moscow Museum of Modern Art), Russia — Contemporary Artist, 2018 — 2019 
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts The Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, St.Petersburg, 2006 — 2011
  • N. K. Roerich Art School, Secondary Professional Education, St.Petersburg, Russia — Basic Level Designer, 2000 — 2004

Solo exhibition:


  • DK ART, See your hands (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Group exhibitions:


  • Sisters Room Gallery, Justice Truth and Peace  (Tbilisi, Georgia). Curator: Olga Eliseeva, Dasha Ilyashenko
  • Negev 8 Gallery Amuta, (Tel Aviv, Israel). Curator: Tomer Ben Horim
  • SVIVA art space, SVIVA STATION (Tel Aviv, Israel). Curator: Kate Finkelstein
  • Ministry of Aliyah and Integration, Muses on the Move, (Haifa, Israel). Curator: Vera Gailis 
  • Golda Hall, Golda Meir 125 years since birth (Kibbutz Ravivim Kibutz) Curator: Ela Cohen
  • KakdelArt residency, The Dreaming House (Tel Aviv, Israel). Curator: Dasha Ilyashenko
  • Fresh Paint Art Fair, DIALOG (Tel Aviv, Israel). Curator: Ela Cohen
  • Archaeological Museum at Kibbutz Ein Dor, Rebirth (Israel). Curator: Adi Nissenbaum


  • Horace Richter Gallery, Withdraw The War for Ukraine (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • Damirov Gallery, Traveler’s Mood (Moscow, Russia)
  • APPENDIX Gallery, Transmitted sensations (Moscow, Russia)
  • Hansen House, In Print Art Book Fair (Jerusalem, Israel)


  • Workshop RUSSIAN STATE ART LIBRARY Composition №… (Moscow). Curator: Alexandra Orlova 
  • 22 Gallery “Sweat and aloe” (Moscow). Curator: Oleg Semyonovih, Svetlana Demina
  • 22 Gallery You may not fall asleep (Moscow). Curator: Toma Imass, Irina Guliakina
  • Gallery Na Peschanoy Family Values (Moscow). Curator: Daphne Zaitseva


  • Gallery ARTBOX Winter exhibition (Saint-Petersburg). Curator: Marina Alvitr
  • The charity center Nochlezhka Alternative reality (Moscow). Curator: Kate Finkelshtein
  • Business center K29 Пространство радости (Vilnius) 


  • Gallery Na Peschanoy Look at yourself (Moscow)
  • Shopping center Ryady OUT (Vladimir)
  • Library 118, Infinite need or the need of the Infinite? (Moscow)
  • CTI Fabrika FREE OFF (Moscow)


  • CCI Fabrika, Koordinaty (Moscow)